(This Negative Phenomenon Of A Satisfactory Manner)

March 2015 LP *Out Now*

Edition of 100 Hardcover Black Linen Box with Offsetprint, Signed and Numbered, 180 Grams Vinyl, Poster (Collage), with Wooden Dowel, 25 Euro
Edition of 100 Softcover Offsetprint Booklets, Signed and Numbered, 180 Grams Vinyl, 17 Euro
Edition of 10 Hardcover Black Linen Box with Handmade Original Artwork (Paper and Leather Collage), Signed and Numbered, 180 Grams Vinyl, 2 Posters (Collage), with Wooden Dowel, 100 Euro


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*Démence Sénile... (Excerpt) ~ Raymond Dijkstra

Le Souffleur Audio Player


Le Souffleur Audio Player

*paNa pakShiNaaaM (Play Of Birds) (Excerpt) ~ Raymond Dijkstra

Le Souffleur Audio Player

This Record is the last Outcome of a Route started first in 2003 with the Pieces "Dada Black" and "Aux Chiottes…" (To the Shithouse…) which I composed for my group ASRA in 2002. Only in 2009 I returned to this Style with the Release of the Record "L'Opus Ch", followed by "L'Opus L'h" in 2010.
(I had departed from this Direction early on in 2003 by making a New Series starting with "Untermensch Lieder", leading to a.o. Affen-Theater and more recently "De Schaal" (2013). )
It took another 3 years before I continued this Style in my Group NIvRITTI MARGA in the Piece "Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah" (My Self Styled Sanskrit Phantasy meaning: Remembering in the Cosmic Manifestation). I recently began working on new Pieces in this Series; firstly "Ce Phénomène Négatif D'Une Manière Satisfaisante", for which I invited Timo van Luijk again to deliver me with a Track of his Monochord Playing. "Démence Sénile..." and paNa pakShiNaaaM (Again a Made-up Sanskrit Amalgamation meaning: Play of Birds) followed soon, thus fulfilling 3/4 of this new L.P.. This Style of Music lies very close to my Heart for it's Softness and Surrealism connects me to my personal History. I remember having walked that Road adorned with beautiful old Oaktrees in my Hometown in Friesland… the Road swirling through a Landscape now filled with old big 19th Century Houses, some in Jugendstil Style, others in a more Classical Style, but everything was softly pulsating… It was covered in Strangeness and my Walking was slow…
I remember sitting as a young Boy in Primary School at my School Desk, staring at my Hands seemingly much further away than Physically possible… They looked as if 5 Meters away from my Point of View and my Head felt somewhat disconnected from the Rest of my Body...
I remember being in a Room. In front of a Mirror. I wanted to go somewhere and tried to do my Hair in a Bun. A great Part of my Hair got loose from my Head, but stayed together, like a living Wig. I couldn't get it into a Knot. At a certain Moment I put the separate Part aside and the Rest on my Head, but I looked like some Sort of Transvestite with Bebop Hair and a strange (blonde) Wig. I searched for the Part of my Hair which I'd put aside, but couldn't find it in any Way. Mum and Dad wanted to go somewhere with some Kind of small Car, to search for my Hair, but I was the only one with a License and I couldn't drive because I'd lost my Hair…
I remember climbing with a large Group of People inside a big Department Store, onto a steep Path (45˚)(instead of a Staircase which should have been there) to the second Floor of the Building. We held ourself to Parts of the Railing so as not to fall down. It reminded me of a Department Store in my old Hometown, only much bigger. Everywhere I looked was Sand and a lot of Dogshit. We visited the Place because it was said there would be some rather big Birds. I told a Friend (to clarify which Bird it was) in a Piece of Varèse there was a Bird who we could spot here, but I couldn't remember it's Name. He wasn't acquainted with Varèse well enough to tell me which Bird it was… I told a Girl in Front of me, (who'd let me pass before her in the Meantime) that just before we would be Upstairs, the real Test would only than come, namely, if we'd really be such good Soccer Players (It was a Joke of me...) Arriving Upstairs, my Friends had suddenly disappeared, as I assumed they were looking at Something, Somewhere. The whole second Floor looked more like a giant Soccer Field (as far as the Eye could see), somewhere outside (there were no Walls). I went to the Dressing Room to get into my Soccer Uniform.

All Music Composed by Raymond Dijkstra
Collages by Raymond Dijkstra
Hardcover Boxes handmade by Raymond Dijkstra

Raymond Dijkstra: Harmonium, Tuba, Fork, Feedback, Mellotron, etc.
Timo van Luijk: Monochord
Frédérique Bruyas: Voice

Raymond Dijkstra, Studio, MellotronRaymond Dijkstra, Studio, Mellotron