Returning to the great O...
Daydreams saturated with distortion

Endless Circles of Circles in a Room: I was lying on my Bed. Motionless. At the same Time moving forward in Acceleration, in a Tunnel. Turbulence. At the End of the Tunnel there was always Freedom, floating in open Air… At the same Time in my Room, sparsely lit. Cosmic Chaos. I was working on a Painting; my Hands still dirty from the Day before. The Painting contained many Layers from being overpainted over and over again. My History contained in Layers of now unseen Visions. Like Memories. One Year Before I was in Front of the same Painting. In a different Room. In a different Town. I had been working on this Painting before… It was like painting my own Life over and over again. The Board was too small to just contain only a small Fraction…

I woke up in Violence. Two Hands were holding me while two other Hands were punching me. Around me it was black and cold and I saw about thirty staring Faces around me. Apathetic, curious Gazes in a Mixture of Disgust and Bloodlust. Three old Friends were in between them. Their Faces were partly cowardish and ashamed for letting their Friend fall. When the Fight was over, they picked me up and dragged me Home. It was the last I saw from them. It is interesting how sharp you can see all the Details of an Event while your Consciousness is slipping away. In the Crowd I recognized a Girl who I’d seen walking through Town regularly.

The other Day I stumbled upon H. We had been very close Friends once in another Life. I still feel Friendship. Although our Friendship was lost a long Time ago. He only knew me the first 19 Years of my Life. The last ones of these were pretty hectic. It is funny to know when someone thinks of you, he sees an Image from Days long gone. I exist in many Realities. His Memory of Me is as real as is the current Me. Today I saw Me again. Upon Goodbye, we embraced. Again in another Life, me and A, my dear best Friend were walking through Town. A had committed Suicide a few Years later. He was only 13 when he had laid himself on the Tracks of a coming Train. The Universe ended then. His. And Ours as well. I still think of him. How I betrayed our Friendship. Just a Couple of Days back I was standing in front of his Grave for the first Time in 34 years. His Mother was buried in the same Grave just two Years back. His Father’s Name was already engraved on the Stone, while still alive. I will always love you, A. My fragile Italian Friend with vibrant blue Eyes.

180 Grams Vinyl
Gatefold Cover
300 ex.

Releasedate January 2016

Listen to Excerpts here: SOUNDCLOUD