SANTASEDE ~ Santasede  (2012) 




10 Inch record
Side A: 45 Rpm. Side B: 33 Rpm. Limited numbered edition of 250 ex.
October 2012.

Tiff Lion
Raymond Dijkstra.

*SANTASEDE (10") ~ Santasede

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SANTASEDE ~ SANTASEDE (10" by Le souffleur)
Santasede‘s ten-inch (LE SOUFFLEUR 74) is on Raymond Dijkstra’s imprint and I expect we received it along with the horrifying NIvRITTI MARGA item noted here. It has a similar cover image, cut-ups of photos of antique furnishings, only now printed in negative. Grisly, nerve jangling metal percussion is to the forefront of both sides of this white vinyl slab; lurking in the background are quiet but fatally sinister chords of a murderous nature, lurking like shrouded assassins. The entire release is a ghostly vision, hinting at a dissipated European past of decadence and ghastly buried family secrets. It’s like the soundtrack to an Italian horror movie, only nowhere near as lurid as you’d expect from your typical Dario Argento gore-fest, and if a cinematic abortion existed to accompany this unsettling music, it would be a severe psychological horror of such monstrosity that viewing two reels of it would send the cinema-goer straight from the theatre to the bughouse, transported in a special truck constructed for the purpose with padded walls. Santasede is a collaboration between Raymond Dijkstra and Tiff Lion; Tiff, who might be better known to Italian indie-rock fans as the singer Tying Tiffany, provides the eerie voice work, electronic music, and acoustic instruments. Chilling, distant, alien. (Ed Pinsent )(The Sound Projector)

SANTASEDE ~ SANTASEDE (10" by Le souffleur)
Santasede is Raymond Dijkstra and Tiff Lion. Raymond you should already know and Tiff Lion is from an indie band called Tying Tiffany. An odd combination to say the least. No songs here though. There is some sitar, piano, hand drums, and what might be a piano soundboard all sparsely organized to make for a very engaging listening experience. I haven't heard anything this close to sonically describing a Surrealist room since NWW'sOstranenie 1913. Mysterious. Two complete, side long scenes of disruption and purpose. I am not sure what Ms. Lion does, although there are some sparse male and female voices on the first side, but this is an superb collaboration. Raymond has always cut a highly individualistic path and this 10" continues that tradition. No scraping. Excellent atmosphere. (Scott Foust)(Swill Radio)

SANTASEDE ~ SANTASEDE (10" by Le souffleur)
It's been awhile since I last heard something from Raymond Dijkstra, but that doesn't mean he's been quiet all the time. As a true artist, his records are sometimes art objects in very small editions and then don't end up in the review columns. Here Dijkstra has something new to offer, a new band of himself on acoustic sounds - the area where we know him best - and one Tiff Lion ('from Tying Tiffany fame') on synthesizer, voice and acoustic instruments (only side two). Apparently Tying Tiffany is an electro post punk sort of thing, but she didn't bring that to the table here. It seems that Tiff Lion and Raymond Dijkstra have opposite ideas, but that's not something that shows here. But if I had to say it, I think it's Dijkstra who puts down the ideas for the music. It carries that improvised character that much of his music has. Or perhaps improvised is not the right word, but more random like strumming of piano strings, plastic objects and the hard to understand reciting of words by Tiff Lion from an old alchemistic book. It's more the surrealistic approach to music creating, the automating process of creating music. Such notions as compositions or improvisations do not apply to this music: this is much more randomly put together and the outcome is dictated by a strange internal logic. According to that same logic, there is also a strange way of recording; some of this appears far away in the mix. The synthesizer was something I didn't hear very well on this record, I must say. Raymond Dijkstra has added once again a most powerful, strange record to his extended discography. Especially 'Due' sounded great, with those plastic bottles, deep drone hum, and far away sounds. If like In Camera, and love to go to more daring music, here's a possible route for you. (FdW)(Vital Weekly)

SANTASEDE ~ SANTASEDE (10" by Le souffleur)
Santasede A new improvising duo joining Raymond Dijkstra’s Dutch acoustic string/percussion muddling with Tiff Lion (aka Tying Tiffany)’s Italian vocal/electronic succulence. Dijkstra’s efforts are usually best when they’re focused, and this one is. A sweet blend of mysteries that actually functions better as a record than as an art object. (Byron Coley)(The Wire)

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