Le souffleur

Le Souffleur, prompting the Monkey-Theater...

LE SOUFFLEUR (The Prompter) was erected in 2003 as a Platform for the Artwork of Raymond Dijkstra. Le Souffleur is a Non Commercial Publisher of Limited and often Highly Limited Works. Regular Editions range from 50 to 100 copies and 1 ex. as a One Off Original Piece. There is no reason why Music should be published as a multiple and not as one sole Original Work of Art. Especially the Editions of 1-10 ex. carry the Personal Handprint of the Artist by means of Hand executed Artwork. One of the fine Characteristics of the Work of Dijkstra is the Full Integration of Sound and Image. The Visual Artwork is always done by the Artist himself; "Music and Image stem from One Whole Universe, inside the Artist. One Continuum. There is no Reason why a Musician should choose letting the Visual Side being done by another Artist. It's an Intrusion of the Authentic World of the Artist. On a Subconscious Level, Image and Sound  and all other Information which reaches the Mind simultaneously will influence one another. Unwanted Elements from Outside will weaken the Perception of the Work. More important even I find it, to keep my Personal Universe clean. For me, Art is a Mirror to reflect the Unseen of My Self, a Port to Mystery" (R.D.)

Le Souffleur does not feel any Connection with Contemporary Music, Contemporary Art or Publications of this matter. It's Focus lies, Through the Work of Raymond Dijkstra, at the Personal View of the Artist which is devoid of Contemporary Fashions. Therefore, for the Previous 14 years Le Souffleur has followed a Satisfying Personal Route and will Continue to do so in the Future.

Le Souffleur is a fully independent Studio and Recordlabel. Starting from the first Conception of a Music Piece to the final Release of it on an Album. Le Souffleur only releases Vinyl and no CD’s.
Le Souffleur Editions are recorded, mixed, mastered and cut personally on virgin Vinyl in it’s own fully equiped Studio bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH in Amsterdam. The Vinylcuts are NOT made on Acetates or other inferior Plastics but on real Vinyl. Le Souffleur has it’s own pro Vinyl recording Aparatus and distribution Network, thus embodying it’s true Philosophy, to give full Space for the artistic Potential of each separate Work; And to amputate Music from it’s commercial Twinsister the Music Industry.

bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH is a Music Studio containing 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's tube and discrete analogue Equipment carefully selected by RD. Rare Ribbon Microphones, Tube Preamps, Filters, Taperecorders and Effects are used for the Creation, Mixing and Mastering of the Music. A stereo Vinyl Lathe Cutter is used for cutting the Music on Vinyl.

RAYMOND DIJKSTRA is an independent, autodidactic visual artist and avant garde musician mainly active in the field of experimental acoustic music. Active since 1987 he has been part of several groups and collaborations as well as being active as a solo musician. Since 2003 he is founder and artistic leader of music label Editions Le Souffleur and music studio bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH.