Raymond Dijkstra La philosophie des chiottesRaymond Dijkstra La philosophie des chiottes




Translation: "Philosophie of the shithouse"

"My overall Philosophy is to keep my Kitchen closed. and the Lid on the Pot. I need to build up Pressure; the only Time I release Pressure is when playing Music. It's all about Transformation. I guess I need to have some Distance between Me/My Music and the Public. In Fact I like to see the Public as Non-Existent. Releasing my Work I only do for Metaphysical Reasons; to keep all Psychic and Physical Channels open, and maintaining a healthy System. It is not much more then relieving yourself in the Toilet. If not, there'll soon or later Come a Point when your System gets clogged, the Energy flow will cease, and the Transformation into Music stops... I need complete Isolation to protect my Work."

1-Sided LP and cardboard in plastic sleeve.
LP-innercover with stamp of the publisher Le souffleur.  Vinyl-record weight: 140 grams. Black vinyl. 33 Rpm. Limited edition of 200. (nb: the pictures show a slight out of perspective roundness caused by the camera)


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