The list published below is a selection of  works. Works which are not published here are dismissed by the author for various reasons.

***For currently availlable titles see page: 'Available'

(1.) Pre- Le Souffleur Period (1988-2003)(Solo Works)
1. Catalogue du Bruit (1988)(Cassette)(Private Release)(NL)
2. Untitled (1989)(Cassette)(Private Release)(NL)

(2a.) Several Works (2003-Onward)(Solo Works)
11. Dadaphon (2003)(10 inch)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
13. Untermensch Lieder (2004)(7 inch)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
14. La philosophie des chiottes (2004)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
15. Le plaisir du bruit (2004)(LP)(Private Release)(NL)
16. Affen-Theater (2005)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
17. Der Triumph (2006)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
18. Musique irritante (2006)(LP)(box)(Private Release)(NL)
19. Die Sonne (2007)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
20. Die Wille (2007)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
21. Maskenstilleben (2007)(LP)(box)(Crouton)(USA)
22. Schijnheilige vissen (2007)(Lathe-cut LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
23. Das Schöne (2007)(Lathe-cut LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
24. De gedachte (2008)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
25. De gelofte (2008)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
33. De hamer (2008)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)

34. De larf (2008)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
49. De fazant (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
50. L'opus ch (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
50bis. L'opus ch Artist edition (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
52. De schroef (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)

55. De nacht (2009)(LP)(Beam Ends)(NL)
63. L'opus L'h (2010)(LP)(Dekorder)(DE)
84. De schaar (2010)(10 inch)(De Player)
98. Hiranyagarbha (2012)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
99. Cittavibhrama (2012)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
110. De Schaal (2013)(Book/CD)(EEtapes)(BE)
111. Ce Phénomène Négatif D'Une Manière Satisfaisante (This Negative Phenomenon Of A Satisfactory Manner)(2015)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL) ***Available***
113. This Positive Phenomenon Of A Dissatisfactory Manner)(2016)(Book with Collages & 2x5 inch Record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)

(2b.) Catalogue du Bruit (Short Expressionistic works)(2008-Onward)(Solo Works)
Series of individually hand cut records. The records are each individually cut by Raymond Dijkstra. Real Vinyl, No Acetates. The series were issued in limited fixed amount releases (1 ex, 5 ex, 10 ex). Each record contained individually executed artwork by Raymond Dijkstra. Collages of thorn paper ripped out of 19th century books and 19th century handwritten manuscripts found on flee markets (etc), combined with ink splatter, drawings or cuts of leather and felt. Collages could be made solely from printed texts without any drawings or incidentally only from printed 19th century engravings.

27. De zee (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
28. De luis (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 1)
29. De droom (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 1)
30. De herinnering (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 1)
31. De zon (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 1)
32. De wil (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 1)
36. De tegel (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
37. De slaap (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
38. De varen (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
39. De vijl (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
40. De keel (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
41. De reet (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
42. De kelk (2008)(5 inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
43. De kus (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
44. De nerf (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
45. De huls (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
46. De smet (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
47. De beeltenis (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
48. De megafoon (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series 2)
51. De cirkel (2009)(Box 9x3inch vinyl records)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
53. De marionet (2009)(3X 5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
54. Het leven (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
56. De fontijn (2009)(3X 5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
57. De fontanel (2009(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
58. De decollage (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
59. De spleet (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
60. De stem (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
61. De eenheid (2010)(5inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
62. De luidspreker (2010)(4x5inch record)(wooden box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
64. De beschouwing (2010)(The year 25 - compilation)(Cassette)(Korm Plastics)(NL)
66. De speler (2010)(3inch record & optical disc)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
69. De lijn (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
70. De vorm (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
71. De kolk (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
72. De machine (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
73. De machinatie (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
74. De macht (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
75. De automaat (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
77. De kamer (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
78. De adem (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
79. De letter (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
80. De schakel (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
81. De draaiing (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
82. De wende (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
83. De vis (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
85. De samentrekking (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
86. De vlek (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
87. De fles (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
88. De spiegel (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
89. De merel (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
90. De aar (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
91. De brug (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
92. De crux (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
93. De hinde (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
94. De liefde (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Musique Irritante)
95. De afweging (2011)(4X3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
114. De stroom (2016)(3x5inch record & collage in wooden frame)(Le Souffleur)(NL)

(3.) Group Efforts (2003-Onward)
12. Asra ~ Souvenir à Asra, la poupée vivante (2003)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
35. Dendoshi II (2008)(LP)(Algha Marghen)(IT)
97. Santasede ~ s/t (2012)(10inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)

105. Raymond Dijkstra / Matthias Boss ~ Ins kahle Zimmer sinken blaue Firne (2013)(7")(Ultramarine)(IT)
109. Nivritti Marga ~ s/t (2013)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL) ***Available***
117. Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders ~ Kunst In Gebreke (TBA)(LP)()() Forthcoming
118. Aurelle ~ Made From Sunshine (Raymond Dijkstra & Ian Middleton) (TBA)(LP)()() Forthcoming

(4.) bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH (2015 - Onward)(Solo Works)
112. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Remembering In The Cosmic Manifestation (Volume I) (December 2015)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL) ***Available***
115. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Remembering In The Cosmic Manifestation (Volume II) (December 2016)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL) 
116. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Rückkopplung (Forthcoming Spring 2017)(Double LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL) Pre-orders accepted 

(5.) Various (2004 - Onward)(Solo Works)
 I) Un Oiseau (Previously unreleased)(2004)(Radio Program 'One Hour As...')(Resonance Radio)(UK)
II) Opus A (Previously unreleased)(2010)(Compilation CD)(Gonzo Magazine)(BE)
III) L'opus ch (excerpt) (2010)(The Wire Tapper, Compilation CD)(The Wire Magazine)(UK)
IV) bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH - Rückkopplung (Previously unreleased)(2016)(The Wire Tapper, Compilation CD)(The Wire Magazine)(UK)

Raymond Dijkstra - De Slaap (3")(Vinyl)(Vinyl cut and Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra)(2008)