SANTASEDE ~ Santasede  (2012) 
 Santasede Santasede




10 Inch record
Side A: 45 Rpm. Side B: 33 Rpm. Limited numbered edition of 250 ex.
October 2012.

Tiff Lion
Raymond Dijkstra.

*SANTASEDE (10") ~ Santasede

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Santasede is Raymond Dijkstra and Tiff Lion. Raymond you should already know and Tiff Lion is from an indie band called Tying Tiffany. An odd combination to say the least. No songs here though. There is some sitar, piano, hand drums, and what might be a piano soundboard all sparsely organized to make for a very engaging listening experience. I haven't heard anything this close to sonically describing a Surrealist room since NWW'sOstranenie 1913. Mysterious. Two complete, side long scenes of disruption and purpose. I am not sure what Ms. Lion does, although there are some sparse male and female voices on the first side, but this is an superb collaboration. Raymond has always cut a highly individualistic path and this 10" continues that tradition. No scraping. Excellent atmosphere. (Scott Foust)(Swill Radio)

A new improvising duo joining Raymond Dijkstra’s Dutch acoustic string/percussion muddling with Tiff Lion (aka Tying Tiffany)’s Italian vocal/electronic succulence. Dijkstra’s efforts are usually best when they’re focused, and this one is. A sweet blend of mysteries that actually functions better as a record than as an art object. (Byron Coley)(The Wire)

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