Raymond Dijkstra De schroefRaymond Dijkstra De schroef




LP. De schroef consists of 10 short pieces. Each piece is seperated by a lock groove and a blank (grooveless) space.
Edition of 200 copies.

Artwork Raymond Dijkstra.

*RAYMOND DIJKSTRA ~ De schroef (LP) Excerpt

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Raymond has been releasing odd and sometimes luxurious editions of his music for some years now. This is a rather bare bones release with a sheet of printed newspaper with the titles, etc. and the record in a heavy plastic bag. Dijkstra’s style, wheezy harmonium with an amplified and effected metal scratching on glass sound, is present, but broken up into short fragments followed by silence and a lock groove, then repeated. Five short pieces on each side. A perplexing release and a great art record. (Scott Foust)(Swill radio)

Perhaps our most beloved outsider in experimental music. Raymond Dijkstra never ceases to amaze me. 'De Schroef' ('the screw') is his biggest edition so far (I think), limited to 200 copies. That's not the only chance here. The music is ten pieces of maybe one minute to 90 seconds, ending in a silent lock groove and with lots of blank space in between those pieces. Meaning you have to get up to place the stylus into the next piece. Most odd. It doesn't end there. Each of the pieces seems to be a variation on the same theme. An organ/harmonium sound, scraping of glass; all done rapidly. But the proceedings are short and one is left to think its the same thing, but perhaps its not. That's the great thing about releases by Raymond Dijkstra. It leaves an endless amount of thinking about it. Is it same, or different? Why is it cut like this? Poetry. I think Dijkstra offers us sound poetry. Without words, but these ten poems are variations on a few sounds. It will surely annoy a few listeners, but no doubt the true fans of Dijkstra - count me in there - are amazed. Once again. The great outsider. (Frans de Waard)(Vital)

May 2009 release ; always glad to be able to offer a new raymond dijkstra work here @ mms ... in this case, a suite of 10 1-minute pieces (scored for his now-familiar orchestra of pump-organ & screeching metals) “separated by a lock groove and a blank (grooveless) space” ...
A spartan edition (just a printed sheet of recycled newspaper in a sleeve w/ the record) but the innate complexity of both the included music (as obfuscating as ever) & it’s presentation (each piece is an island, beginning & ending in silent locked grooves with no lead-in / lead-out to speak of ; manual needle placement is necessary to advance to each new segment) makes it worth all the while ... highly recommended !!!(Keith Fullerton Whitman Mimaroglu)

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