Raymond Dijkstra De tegel Raymond Dijkstra De tegelRaymond Dijkstra De tegel




Translation: The Tile
5 Inch record in linen hardcover box with text/photo collage.
The box is opened by sliding out a cardboard innercover attached to a wooden spine.
The spine is attached to the innercover by a piece of linen, with the text “DE TEGEL" handwritten on the side of the spine. Inside the innercover a 5 inch record. The innercover is handnumbered: 1
. With personal text mentioning the owner of the record and date of creation.
Size of the box: 15 - 15 - 1,4 cm. Total weight: 200 grams.

The collage is made with shred's from a early 20th century dutch dictionary, a early 20th century french dictionary and photocopied photo's.
Vinyl-record weight: 180 grams. Black vinyl. Collaged and handwritten recordlabel. 45 Rpm. High quality cutting. Limited edition of 1 original. Concept, design Raymond Dijkstra. Collage and box are handmade by RD.
De tegel is sold to Jan Czech, Czech Republic.

(nb: the pictures show a slight out of perspective roundness caused by the camera)

© Raymond Dijkstra